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Makiyiaz is a firm believer in using only the best for your skin, if it be for your face or body.

Makiyiaz is a stockist of and use the following products in the studio;

Medik8 Cosmecutical Skin Care

Medik8 is the British skin research company pioneering cosmeceutical technologies to make the most effective ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin, yet crucially without compromising efficacy. Medik8 cosmeceuticals may be used by everyone. Apart from being kinder to the skin, it turns out this new technology is kinder to the planet too. That’s why Medik8 is known as the ‘Green Cosmeceutical’ brand. Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree that distinguishes it from others. A simple change of washing powder can demonstrate this. People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. In fact, those suffering from acne, rosacea or psoriasis usually have greater skin sensitivity, which can be exacerbated by some aggressive treatment products that they use. The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Youngblood is a Mineral Cosmetic range that is good for your skin. Youngblood has amazing coverage, is great for sensitive skin because it’s talc free, perfume free, chemical dye free and is a full professional range of cosmetics.

Bonza Bronz

 Bonza Bronz® is a division of the Institute of Dermabrasion, a manufacturer of leading cosmetic and skincare products. Based in Melbourne Australia, Bonza Bronz currently manufacture almost 70% of all spray tanning products in the Australian market. Clearly as experts in this market,it is no wonder that we bring you the best spray down under, with over 6000 Australians 'Bonza Bronzed' everyday.