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Medik8 Skincare Biotechnology



Injection Free is a specialist treatment cosmeceutical range based on the critical discoveries in the global beauty industry and Medik8’s own research. The gel formula reduces the appearance of all types of wrinkles: dynamic, static and wrinkle folds.
Cleanse Prevent Correct Hydrate Body Firewall


Pretox® 20
Injection-Free Alternative to Botulinum Toxin Treatment

Muscle Relaxant Gel in Liposome Delivery System. Muscles contract when they receive a neurotransmitter release from a nerve. Like Botulinum Toxin A, Pretox releases the amount of nerve stimulation on the local muscle tissue being targeted but unlike Botulinum Toxin A, Pretox does not paralyse the muscle completely.
Pretox Infin8
is the second generation Botulinum Toxin alternative.

Clinically proven to be 30% stronger than the corresponding Argireline® formulation, there is no more powerful topical muscle relaxant treatment. Pretox Infin8 contains 20% active ingredient in its complex form. An active exclusive to Medik8, which is an anti-wrinkle octapeptide, an elongation of the famous hexapeptide, Argireline®.
 Pretox® Filler
Injection-Free Alternative to Dermal Filler Treatment to Plump Cheeks & Neck

Wrinkles and lines are literally folds in the skin where there is a lack of 'supporting scaffold' underneath the surface. Dermal fillers and Pretox Filler attempt to plug the 'holes' under the folds with Hyaluronic Acid, the normally present material beneath the skin which has, seemingly in that location, become more absent.

Pretox Filler protects the extra cellular matrix of the skin, increases skin firmness, elasticity and hydration.
Pretox® Eyelift
Anti-Ageing Four Peptide Under-Eye Dark Circle Formula

An intensive cream-serum formula to combat wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes. Injection-free technology for filling lines and wrinkles as well as reducing dark shades and puffiness under the eyes without drastic measures.
Pretox® Pout
Injection-Free Twin Peptide Pro-Collagen Lip Boost Serum

Helps promote fuller, healthier, more voluptuous lips. Designed specifically for lip care, Pretox Pout hydrates the lips and helps to restore glycosaminoglycans and collagen, increasing lip moisture and adding volume to improve the contour of the lips and give better definition to the lip-line.