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YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Cosmetics

Why Minerals?
No lead
No talc
No chemical dyes
No artificial colour or fragrance
Not tested on animals
No mineral oil
Lightreflecting properties
No alcohol
Long lasting coverage

Pigments derived from natural minerals from the earth Superior quality Mineral Makeup products like YOUNGBLOOD dramatically improve the look of any complexion giving the illusion of clear, healthy blemish free skin with just a light coverage and can be applied it in seconds.

Read what the experts are saying about minerals. Dr. Douglas Grose of Australian Skin Clinics says, "When dealing with clients who have problems with acne or any clogged pore issue it is important that they be shown all the right things to do to help their skin but also be educated about doing incorrect treatments or using incorrect products. The two products that cause most of the problems I call "M & M's" - Makeup and Moisturisers. Any product which adds pore clogging oils to the skin will aggravate congestion problems. Dye based makeup fall into this category. Changing Australian Skin Clinics clients over to using mineral powder based makeup such as Youngblood is one of the cornerstones of our acne management program. Our programs would not be nearly as effective if we did not use mineral makeup. In some cases, simply changing to a mineral based makeup is all that is need to solve the problem. We have now been recommending mineral powder based makeup for seven years. We can confidently say that it does not aggravate acne or clogged pores, even in quite severe cases."

The creators of traditional formulas can only dream about the aesthetic  attributes of Youngblood Minerals For example, if applied properly, even a very light coverage can perform the following magic on your clients:Give them the illusion of clean, healthy skin Improves the look of almost every complexion It will adhere to the skin so well that it won't come off until removed with a cleanser Without looking heavy Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics cover almost every distraction. For people who suffer form rosacea, their inflammation can be covered effectively in minutes and the redness will not bleed through. This benefit is also enormously valuable by dramatically improving the appearance of those clients suffering from acne and other skin conditions. Youngblood Mineral Makeup can be worn on sensitive or allergy-prone skin, because of its lack of the main ingredients that sensitise skin.