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YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Cosmetics




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Brush Cleaner
5 Piece Brush Roll 5_piece_brush_roll_open.jpg
15 Piece Brush Roll YB_Brush_Roll.jpg
Eye-Lip Brush

This elegant, versatile brush offers the luxury of soft, natural sable. Perfect for applying shadow in the crease of the eye, or to apply eyeliner. Can also be used as a lip brush.
Travel Lip Brush

This reversible, synthetic Gold Toray brush is ideal for applying Lip Shine or Lipstick. The convenient size fits easily in your evening clutch or makeup bag.
Super Powder Brush

This natural Super Capra hair brush is very dense, so it's perfect for light coverage of Mineral Rice Setting Powder or Natural Mineral Foundation. This versatile brush is a "must have" in any makeup kit.
Contour Blush Brush

This natural brush is perfectly angled and sized for applying Crushed or Pressed Mineral Blush to the apples of the cheeks, or contouring the jaw line.
Eyeshadow Brush

The perfect thumbnail shape of pony hair applies Mineral Eyeshadow to the entire lid with ease.
Crease/Smudge Brush

This pony hair brush is excellent for defining the eye. Designed for precise, easy application of eye shadow right into the crease of the eyelid, with no waste or over-application.
Eyebrow Brush

The angle of this natural sable brush is perfect for shaping and filling a natural-looking brow. Can also be used to apply colour from our Eye Liner Pencil for a soft-looking eyeliner.
Kabuki Brushes

- Long, ultra-premium goat hair makes this brush perfect for light coverage of Mineral Foundation, Lunar Dust, or Mineral Radiance.

SMALL - Short, dense goat hair makes this brush perfect for medium to heavy coverage of our Natural Mineral Foundation or Mineral Rice Setting Powder.
Ultimate Foundation Brush

This natural brush has a soft, silky touch. The unique "flat top" design makes this the perfect brush for applying Natural Mineral Foundation; by working the perfect amount of foundation into the skin's fine lines, slight imperfections simply disappear. An essential part of every makeup bag.
Liquid Foundation Brush

Made of velvety-soft synthetic hair, this brush is very dense, so won't streak when applying liquid. Perfect for applying Liquid Mineral Foundation with flawless, full coverage.
Concealer Brush

Made of luxurious synthetic Gold Toray hair, this brush provides smooth application of creamy-textured products, such as our Ultimate Concealer or Liquid Mineral Foundation. The perfect tool for under the eyes, and the corner of the eyes. Can be used wet or dry.