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Bonza Bronz

A favourite of models and celebrities alike, Bonza Bronz® is the tan of choice for the Australian Dancing with the Stars and helped the Music Industry stars shine at this years annual Aria Music Awards.

In a time when we are becoming more aware of the dangers of exposure to the sun and conscious of using only the most natural of products, Bonza Bronz® tan offers men and women of all ages a UV free tanning option second to none. Using the purest b

otanical extracts and highest quality DHA, to give the perfect tan without having to spend any time in the sun.


Whether you want to achieve a shimmery glow, a natural look or some seriously dark coverage, there is a Bonza Bronz® solution for any kind of skin or preference. But it doesn't end there. Not only do we offer a variety of professional tanning solutions and shades, the choice of high quality products extends to home care too. This is our holistic approach to beautiful glowing & healthy skin - combining high performance professional products with the necessary pre and post-tan home care tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my tan last?

This depends on your skin type. Typically a tan will last 7-10 days. After the initial 2 applications you will have the equivalent of a tan that could take up to 8 or more sessions in a tanning studio.

How do I prepare for my tan?

For a flawless spray tan application, we recommend that you ensure your body is well exfoliated, and ensure you have no body moisturiser or perfume on your body before you tan. If you wish to have your face tanned slightly it is recommended to have no makeup on.

What does the tan look like?

The initial tan, which is instant, is a deep, dark brown. The instant colour is from the bronzer, and will wash off with your first bath or shower. The long term tan, which peaks after 5 hours and continues to develop up to 24 hours, is a golden-brown colour.

Will I turn orange or streak?

No. Bonza Bronz® tanning solution was developed with the perfect tan in mind, with botanical extracts designed to nourish the skin and DHA that reacts with the amino acids and proteins in the in the outer layer of the skin to produce a natural long lasting golden bronze tan.

How long does it take?

he misting lasts for a few minutes. You then gently towel-buff (this takes less than a minute) and you're done. Most customers are in and out in 10 minutes, with most time spent putting their clothes on and off.

Is it expensive to have a Bonza Bronz® tan?

No, Bonza Bronz® is less expensive than a course of tanning sessions at the solarium and offers instant results and FREE of any harmful UV.