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For the importance of learning and ensuring you understand the importance of a great Makeup, each workshop will cover the following points in a 45 minute theory session;

  • Hygiene
  • Makeup "Must Haves"
  • Product Knkowledge
  • Skin Basics
  • Skin Types
  • Skin Conditions
  • Skin Preparation for Makeup
  • Makeup Demonstration

To ensure you have everything that will be needed for your makeup workshop Makiyiaz will provide all the essentials you may possibly need to make your experience more enjoyable and professional.  The following will be provided;

  • Youngblood Cosmetics to ensure a flawless makeup application
  • Tools and Makeup Brushes
  • Facial Cleanses/Moisturiser
  • Workbook with the information covered in class for future reference

Workshop bookings are limited to 12 participants per class, a 50% deposit is required to secure your seat. This deposit will be requested once you confirmed your booking confirmation. Credit Card/Eftpos facilities are available.

The Beginners 16+
3 Hours $77.00

Aimed at teenagers and young women, Makiyiaz believes it is important that young women are groomed for the correct application of their makeup. Simply if you are new to makeup or have never worn makeup before, here you will learn much about the Makeup 101 class with a simpler, younger element to it, looking at trends of the time, fun colours as well as natural looking makeup, and more importantly what not to wear. This is a great workshop to do with a group of friends or as a “girls day out”.

Once you have completed The Beginners 16+ you may then enrol in Makeup 101.

Makeup 101
3 hours $110.00

Gain confidence in learning how create the perfect canvas with this basic makeup class and discover how to transform your new polished day look to a glamorous evening. Become skilled at choosing a foundation, blush, eye shadow and lipstick in colours that show off you, not what you’re wearing. You’ll also discover easy-to-use application techniques with the correct tools to conceal flaws, balance your eyes, lips and cheeks, and shape your brows perfectly every time.

Makeup and Beyond
3 Hours $110.00

This workshop picks up where Makeup 101 left off. Learn more than the basics with this intensive 3 hour workshop. In this class not only will you look like you are glowing from the inside once your learn how to apply bronzer you will also feel confident in contouring, highlight and shading your facial features just like the professionals. Learn what works and what doesn’t to make your eyes pop and look their best. To enrol in you must have completed Makeup 101 before participating in this class.

Boomers in Bloom
3 Hours $110.00

Ok, we feel 25 but our driver’s license says otherwise! But this doesn’t mean we stop wearing makeup! This workshop will show you how to add luminosity and vitality to the skin whist enhancing and defining the beauty in you, putting the confidence back in you. This workshop covers all bases that you need to know from the start of your skincare, to the foundation and ensuring you are wearing and applying your makeup correctly. Refreshing your look and colour chart which suits you now. Become inspired!

Private Makeup Mentor
90 Minutes $150.00

Have you ever wanted your own private makeup artist to show you everything you’ve ever dreamed of learning in applying a flawless makeup? With this 90 minute demonstration, you can learn application techniques designed and catered especially for your requirements. Ensure to bring along your makeup bag and we will recommend products and colours that complement you.

Reselling 101
3 Hours $110.00

Increase your retail sales! This workshop will teach you and your staff how to sell and up-sell your existing makeup or skincare line. Providing tools and expertise so you can learn all you need to know about skincare and makeup; including easy-to-use application techniques, colour theory, tips and tricks, how to communicate with your client without sounding like your “selling” to them, find your passion in the industry and come and learn how to “love” what you work with.

Makeup Bootcamp
3 Hours $110.00

Master the art of beauty this class is designed to make you become a “Thinking Makeup Artist”.

Makeup Bootcamp is a “crash course” of the techniques I developed and used to break into the makeup industry. It is not a conventional “basic makeup class”.

It has been my experience that most working makeup artists suffer from what I call “Same Face Syndrome”. This means that although they may do a nice makeup, everyone generally comes out looking the same! The artist has a set way of doing a makeup and rarely varies from that method. This will eventually lead the artist to feel bored and unsatisfied. Bootcamp will help you break out of this bad pattern, or at least help you realise how not to create potential problems for yourself.

After Workshop Service

Makiyiaz offers a after workshop service where you can bring along your existing makeup, and let us filter what is good for you and what is not. You may just really love a product you own and don’t know how to use it correctly, let us show you how.

Please allow 1 hour after class if you would like to take up this opportunity. This service is complimentary.